Don’t just be a dreamer, be a practical dreamer!

dream practical
Don’t just dream, dream practical

When many of us hear ‘dreams’, we are quick to conclude this to be some sort of blurry sequence of pictures consisting of both real and fictional characters, places and/or things. This occurs during our sleep. However, this is just one of those instances where the context matters. Dream is a word with another meaning. A dream in simple terms is also things hoped for; often from our imaginations. Day in day out, we nurture hopes brighter prospects in life, which could be termed dreaming. Every one dreams, but it’s just a few who are able to transmute their ideas and hopes for the future into reality. It isn’t every dreamer who succeeds. As there are failures and successes in life so are there dreamers who never get their ideas out of their thick skulls and brains. No doubt many dreams end up just the way they began. It’s not because their ideas are not feasible or realistic enough but because not all dreamers are practical dreamers. Practical dreaming goes far more beyond just dreaming. It will indeed be vague if no effort is made to define the criterion for practical dreaming. Just like many of us Economics students were taught back in school that demand must be backed by purchasing power, practical dreaming must be backed by will power. Even in the circles of religion, many religions have thrived and survived persecution because people dared to dream within the parameters of achievable means. For example, Christianity is very successful a religion because its founder, Jesus Christ is one of the greatest practical dreamers of all time. Faith, it’s referred to in Christianity. He practically saw all that he hoped for and imagined come through. He saw a transmutation happen before it materialized. This should be what we all have to basically have before we can make any headway with our ideas and things hoped for in our future.

All along, this hasn’t been a secret and people have continuously used the power of practical dreaming to achieve great works on the face of the earth. All great achievers are practical dreamers. One must realize that all who have accumulated great fortunes first did a certain amount of dreaming, hoping, wishing, desiring and planning. The crowning stage of all this is whether your dream is practical to you or not. You see, your thoughts literally design your future, your life. Our thoughts dictate to us what we do, say and achieve. The mechanism is very simple but often eludes most people. Maybe it’s because we have been programmed by our school system and society in general to think in a certain pattern which does not really aim at getting us to make our dreams practical. The best people to kill your dream are friends and family who continuously criticize and try to make you understand that your ideas are never realizable and you should settle for a smaller life.



practical dreamer
Don’t just dream, dream practical



If you have read the biography of some great leaders of all time you may have made a realization that they all had and have something in common. All leaders have been practical dreamers since civilization. Which means this isn’t new at all. It’s been in existence since the civilization of man. The fact is they owe their successes to the power of practical dreaming. In the end practical dreamers conquer the world because they have a dream or develop an idea and set out rightly to work to achieve what they have envisioned in their minds eye.

Whenever you develop an idea, your mind from then towards the thing hoped for has a lot to do with the final outcome of the idea. As I said before, countless number of ideas have died in the minds of their bearers. This is a common thing and those who are brave enough to share it with a few friends are thrown into limbo when such friends, no matter how loyal they may be, offer no serious thoughts or deeper insights, then such people begin to doubt their ingenuity. It all starts with your mindset of what you can do and what you cannot do. What you neither see nor realize is achievable, you will never be able to achieve. Just like you see a fruit on a tree and set out to pluck it by all means. That’s for the practical dreamer. He knows that he has a goal and it can be achieved even if not in his lifetime and sets to work immediately. He thinks of those who do think his idea is not going to work that “When I am done you will see”. However, on the side of the dreamer who isn’t practical, he gets the idea and with time it either dies in his mind or gets discouraged and confused by friends. Thus, from the analogy from above, he does not really believe in what he sees giving in room for doubt, His friends and his mind which mocks his zeal to pluck the mango they cannot see discourages him and with time he forgets about the mango.

One thing also unique to practical dreamers is that they believe and are receptive to absolutely almost all ideas new to them. You may think some things are just out of the achievable squad but this isn’t the case. The practical dreamer is no alien to new ideas and they are readily receptive to new ideas no matter how weird they may sound or seem. Yes, most of the technologies we have now were considered unachievable some 20 years ago but now what have we? New inventions which are extremely unbelievable but are a reality are proving that their inventors saw something beyond the criticisms, the current science principles, the discouragements and failures. Thomas Edison, a revolutionary inventor who invented the electric bulb envisioned a lamp powered by electricity to give light and started to work at it. Even though He failed more than ten thousand times, he still saw that electricity powered lamp and it did work.

Practical dreaming needs beholders of ideas to be imaginative enough to see their dream achieved. They are required to keep by it because they believe that this idea would work out for them no matter who says it wouldn’t. Practical dreaming is not an easy thing to do and often requires doing the odds which most people are not familiar with. This creates the antagonism to the idea but the practical dreamer sees none of that but his dream. All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be. Remembering that believe is far stronger than reason, the practical dreamer is set to take the world. Good luck! DREAM PRACTICAL.

Not only plan, but also believe.
– Anatole France


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