peace sin myvoice
We strive for peace, but it dwells in us not others

In this modern era and ages before us, heroes turn to antagonists as much as friend to enemy. We constantly strive for an elusive peace only to have them shattered by ourselves. We declare war on each other but at what price? Is it to prove our strength or just another means to hide that darkness that lurks within?

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool once said “Life is an endless series of train wrecks with only brief commercial-like breaks of happiness.” With careful observation I support this claim. Great men like Adolf Hitler never planned to start a world war… Or did they?

God in his infinite wisdom created Adam and Eve and placed the serpent to deceive them not as a test, but a way of embracing the shadows within them, so they could appreciate the light better. A man only claims to true divinity; if he accepts his demons, embraces his true nature and expels the light locked within.
Half of the time we live, we hide secrets with someone. It is human nature to do so and also human nature to feel threatened by that person. Often not we hide our true feelings and put labels on certain people to feel better. Bullying is a result of insecurity in our daily lives. We do hunt the weak just like lions to weaker animals to feel superior.

We live in a world filled with a lot of colors and our morality isn’t strictly in black and white. Those who see life as such only tend to make the same mistakes they are usually against and try to cover it. Saints are not what they are because they didn’t sin but rather because they didn’t let their weakness (sins) stop them from serving their purpose hence doing ordinary things in an extraordinary manner so would some put it.

Daemon, also demon in Latin means evil spirit and we human seem to enjoy blaming the devil for our misdemeanor. Not to sound blasphemous but how many would disagree they never enjoyed slipping into the dark and succumbing to their sinful nature. Let’s take bullying for instance.

death-peace sin myvoice
We must continually strive to conquer the darkness in us

Forcing a classmate to give you his/ her lunch pack through threats that he/she will be hurt pretty badly if he/she or plucking at someone’s hair may make you feel like the greatest villain ever lived at first. We only feel regret when the evil or shameful deed is revealed to others. Is it the devils fault we do so? Sin is a daily part of our lives just as demons are and we must learn to control the demon within. The tempter is serving his purpose. We must also challenge ourselves to resist him. We must endeavor to identify such moments and restrain from bringing our darkness to light.

bully sin myvoice
You may feel satisfied after bullying but you still not

Great people are great not because they failed. Saints are who they are not because the never fell short of God’s glory and angels are not here to guide us not because they are perfect. Everybody has demons. Don’t let yours ruin your wonderful nature.

You are strongest at your weakest, all you have to do is believe. One wrong can always be made right.
– The Voice

By The Voice


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