Peace, that’s what we should vote for.

Over the years Ghana has come to be known as one of the most peaceful countries in the continent and the globe. Ghanaians I must say love the peace which also attracts people especially refugees and tourists. The peaceful nature of our dear Ghana cannot be overemphasized. However, in recent times, the need for more measures to keep the peace we all love has become an issue worth going to the drawing board for. Especially in election periods when heated political discourses are more likely to dissolve to conflicts.

We have met another election period and these tendencies have reared their ugly faces out again. What we as Ghanaians need to do is to cut off their heads off though if it’s to work all hands will be needed on deck. We have become used to government agencies doing all the work as well as some social institutions such as religious bodies and traditional authorities.  However, we have to note that no one should be exempted from this course of action. Everyone is to keep the watch for this night and the rest of the nights to come. No situation should be taken for granted. We should take note of circumstances which could lead to tension and avoid them. Reports should be made pertaining to issues of security breaches and suspicion. All this should be done with the mindset that it’s to keep you alive. Most war situations do not affect the elite and “Big men”, but rather the ordinary citizenry, People who have nowhere to go in times of turmoil, no protection even in normal times. Ghanaians must wake from their slumber that government is the mandated institution for keeping the peace therefore it should be theirs only. We must keep this fact at the back of our minds that its innocents who suffer most from war and conflict and no one else.

Even come to think of it, the benefits go to non-other than the politicians. Therefore why should you risk it all to get votes for someone to benefit. If you think a political party is good enough and should win that’s okay. But people often go to extremes to get this done mostly using violent and unconstitutional means. The youth, the future leaders are those often used to champion such acts. This should give us reason to worry how or what Ghana would be if those who will have the chance to make and unmake laws can do this. Rather, I encourage and challenge all youth out there to be different. They should be the voice, the cry of the future. They should restrain from allowing themselves to be used as weapons of others, of politicians. My point of view is that if the political party you are ready to act violently to get into power think and believe they are the best and deserve to be in power then they have nothing to fear.  And if they have the country at heart and want to secure a clean future, then violence in politics is not a good start. People who engage in violent acts hardly pay their dues. Politicians who come to make promises to the youth if they rally behind them will not remember those promises. It’s simple. That is because such people will always find new ways to get what they want and will eventually forget what they promised you. They might even have you on their elimination list because you know too much about their plots. Let’s get this straight.

Tensions have proven to be the enemy of the general populace. Consider the cost in maintaining peace. Money which would have been used for another course goes into peace keeping. Education and other important activities in the country come to a standstill. People are frightened to death. They lose the properties they spent decades acquiring. Lives are lost. Think about it.

 As we go to polls come December 7, it is my deepest hope and prayer that we make the perfect choice Ghana needs. I encourage all to vote based on performance and the ability to make Ghana what we all hope for.

We have come far as a peaceful country; we should not give up now!​

December 5th, 2016


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