Okay! Last month was the beginning of the New Year, 2017. What’s next in 2017 for you?

In the jolly festive season leading up to the climax of New Year, family and loved ones would send well wishes to you mostly requiring of you to forget 2016 and live a happy New Year.  I’m not a pessimist, I just believe in reality. Perhaps this may be my own special version of a New Year message.

I cannot tell exactly what you are thinking. You may agree with me or disagree. Nevertheless… I’ll take the risk. If you often find yourself daydreaming several times in a day, lost in thought, of all the good things, emotions and opportunities life has to offer, listen…they aren’t going to happen, not in 2017 if you continue doing the same things you did in 2016. Things which were a compound of inexcusable shortcomings, unnecessary procrastination, blame games, unhealthy comparisons, inferiority complex, a wretched internal disposition and a shredded outlook. I know you may say you never did any such things but you did, perhaps not consciously or intentionally but you did. The fact is we are ruled by our minds, most especially by what we’ve woven into our subconscious reasoning. In critical Times, our immediate actions are as a result of our minds and what we put into the subconscious. So the mind might be the rightful place for you to start your 2017. Change it until it changes you ultimately…And the one who rules His mind rules His life. Take it or leave it, that will never change.

It’s all in your mind, changing it means changing your life.

When I started, I spoke of those messages. Don’t forget about 2016, please don’t. Let it be a guide and some sort of blueprint for 2017, now that 2017 is left with just 11 months to go. They say we learn from our failures and I encourage you to remember your failures, your painful moments and whatever you felt weren’t right to happen to you. And after that I want you to tell your true self that those things aren’t going to happen to you in your coming life and future. Be determined to make this a reality. Pain is sweet when well used. Pain, if well utilized great benefits will be reaped. Use that pain to carve a beautiful ending to the story they said will not see any good (nobody may have said to your hearing but it’s worth considering, some people’s job is to hate and try to pump negativity into others against you). Once you don’t learn the bitter truths of life you’ll just continue to act as you did in 2016. Success is bitter; it’s just filled with loneliness. Until you learn to live a lonely life you’ll never think of leaving your current state.

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Once you decide to do something new to your life, sometimes you don’t even know where you are going, then your other half, the false self fears of being shunned since you’re beginning to take control of your true self, your desirable self and your future. Back to making 2017 a wholly happy and successful one, I’m not going to tell you to follow some millionaire or success plan or whatsoever they call them. No! I’m telling you to be disciplined. Then, you will have found your dream because without discipline, getting a clear cut dream and what you want to do with your will be more fantasy and reality. You’ll be a DC, chasing money and whole lot of stuff but you won’t know that it’s the wrong way to getting money you have chosen. Discipline will teach you to determine what your dream is clearly, tell you what you must do, how to do it and when to do it even if you hate it to the core of your heart. So get your discipline right then you can chase your goals with the desire needed to go through, the persistence to pass through and the mind-set of a winner.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment                                                      -Jim Rohn

However, In addition to what I have mentioned already, you will need to cultivate a habit of reading. Reading will open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities. You get to discover new ways of doing things, how to get over problems, how to develop yourself, give you insights into how others are doing what you are doing, etc.

The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading.
  -David Bailey


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